friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Monday, May 23, 2011

Martial Law Storms CAG Bash

This past weekend brought around the annual 40k Tourney at CAG Bash in Cincinnati. Martial Law was represented by 7 members battling for the top spots. There was something like 26 total attendies for the 4ok tourney. Attendence was down a little (usually around 40ish) do to a number of factors this year but a good time was had by all!

I was surprized by the the armies present, not what I was expecting to see. Daemons were everywhere, 4-5 people brought Daemons and 1st and 2nd place were taken by the nasty boogers. Grey Knights only had a showing of 2 I think. I was expecting many more. IG was also under represented. I believe Edge was only one playing them Saturday. Space Marines were a little light but the usual sprinkling of them (Space Wolves, Blood Angels & even Smurfs) made thier apperance. I was also surprized by how many Dark Eldar armies were in attendence (4 I think) and of course a Nid and Ork army or two was there. Tau was even represented by 2 players, one of which brought best painted. Over all a pretty nice bit of deversity in the forces present.

The terrain was provided by our very own Bealzebugg and Wayno who also helped set up and tear down the 40k event stuff along with Dickie and Methoderik. Nice Job guys the tables looked great. Big thanks to ML member Makari for running the event again this year. Makari had to give up his 2nd round Fantasy Ard' Boyz spot to manage the tournament, thats SOME kind of dedication. Hats off to you!

ML Members Placing:

Methoderik..14th...Space Wolves
Mike Leon....15th...Blood Angels

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Tournament Update IV

Here is the latest update. As the local 2011 Tourney scene progress' there's still a lot to choose from. If you see something you like check our 2011 Tournament Calander in the forum for more info.


Dicehead Games ATC Club Challenge...5/20-22 Cleveland,Tn
CAGBash...5/21 Cincinnati,Oh
Eastside Games & Cards...5/21 Cincinnati,Oh
The Game Preserve...5/21 Bloomington,In
CSP's Armed Forces Event...5/21 Columbus,Oh
JAC Games RTT...5/28 Akron, Oh


The Sage's Shop RTT...6/4 W. Lafayette,In
Games2Die4 RTT...6/4 Avon, IN
Eastside Games & Cards...6/18 Cincinnati,Oh
Orgins...6/22-26 Columbus,Oh


Cookville Battle Barn...7/7 Cookville,Tn
Buckeye Battles...7/9-11 Columbus,Oh
Eastside Games & Cards RTT...7/16 Cincinnati,Oh
Dicehead Games RTT...7/23 Cleveland,Tn