friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dark Angels coming soon!

If you have been paying attention to the latest rumors and current GW spotlights then you know they are right around the corner. Sorry but that's not what this article is about...Fooled Ya! This is really about Chaos Space Marine's. So before they disappear in the shadow of the new Dark Angels codex and are forgotten...

There have been lots of reviews on the codex. Everybody's been giving their 2 cents about the units and what not. There is a ton of info out there if you care to look for it. There have been plenty of battle reports with Puritan lists and with allies. I'm not going to rehash all of that.The thing I keep noticing amongst all the reviews and battle reports is that they win some and they lose some, there doesn't seem to be any real dominating Puritan lists. Allied lists seem to be alot better than puritan lists, The CSM codex is certainly no GK or Necron codex.

So with all that said I want to remind everyone that I'm looking for a competitive pure CSM tourney list. The codex has lots of options, lots of themed lists, lots of fun things to play around with in a fluff kind of way. It seems from what I've read that many others out there doing reviews and what not think the same. But I am not deterred and have put together a list that I think will do the job. I have my first test game today against Hand of Dume. I'm not sure what he is bring, but that's a good thing as it helps to simulate the random pairings of the tournament first round.

I've tried to build this list with GK and Daemons in mind as they seem to the armies that give me some trouble (just like everyone else). Look for the battle report and my list composition in the next day or so in the forums battle report section to see how the first test game went.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and joyous Christmas and may your dice always roll six's for the new year!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

ML Con 2012

Saturday Nov. 17th, we held the annual Martial Law Con at Dickie's warhouse in Cincinnati. Many conflicts with schedules at the last minute, gave us a smaller than usual turnout.... but a great time none the less! EAP made the missions this year, taking a little from the new and old missions and coming out with his own style.

Wayno pulled it out with his Tzeentch Daemons. Couldn't get a pic to come up, but I will try to get one of the Old boy and his new trophy, which Dickie and Brady put together. Good games, food and fun. Looking forward to next year.

Monger took some pics also..... enjoy!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Whats Going On!

Wow, How time flies. It's been about a month and a half since the last entry on the home page. It amazes me how life can take over sometimes and everything else just gets pushed to the side. Anyways whats going on in the hobby as of late? Well unless you have been living under a rock, Forgeworld has released their first 30K version book "Horus Hersey...Betrayal", we have members salivating profusely waiting on their copies to arrive. Also codex Chaos Space Marines hits the shelves on Saturday. Plenty of rumors and some reviews from people who have already recieved theirs (I imagine from pre-ordering) and it seems pretty interesting. I should have mine this Saturday, I can't wait! Rumor has it that codex Dark Angels will be out by the end of November. We'll just have to wait and see about that. It seems pretty close to CSM release but time will tell.

On the tourney scene not much happening locally for the month of October. We normally have our annual MLCon (club tourney and cook out) this month but it has been moved back to November do to availability of the warehouse we use. So look for some pics next month on that. Also in Nov. there is Eastside Games and Cards tournament and Epic Loots "Iron Builders" tourney so plenty of stuff going on next month. Check out our forums for more up coming info on these and some current and future reviews of "Betrayal" and the "CSM" codex. We have also added the "40k Rules and Questions" to the public section of the forum so if you got a question give us a shout and we will do our best to help ya out or at least give you our impressions and opinion on anything 40k and now 30K.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bookery Tournament 1850...Aug. 18th

There will be a tournament at the Bookery in Fairborn this coming August 18th. Edge will be hosting the Bookery's first 6th edition tourney. I will be attending and I'm really looking forward to it as it will be my first games of 6e. If you haven't played any games in 6e than this will be a tournament that you will want to attend. Plenty of help if needed to make the transition. I know I'll need some! Call or stop in and sign up today as the last tournament there in June sold out and I expect the same for August. Here is the details.

Martial Law is hosting a tournament at the Bookery 8/18

$10 entry
10 - 1045 am check-in
11 am start
3 rounds at 2.25 hours each
lunch break
3 color minimum paint to qualify for Paint or Overall

Best Overall
Best General
Best Sport
Best Paint

Bookery Fantasy
16 West Main Street
Fairborn OH 45324
(937) 879-1408
(937) 879-9327 fax

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monger.... Buckeye Battles' Best General

That's right, you heard me..... ML's very own Monger stands as Buckeye Battles Best General (2nd place) with his Wraithstorm Necron list. A great tourney! Hope to see everyone next year.

Congrats Monger!!!!!!!!!


Well Buckeye Battles has come and gone for another year. We ended up with 5 members ( Edge, EAP, DkM, HoD, Warmonger) and our ML merc (Ian) in attendence of the 28 total. Pretty good showing overall. 1st place trophy was a very cool double sided axe! The event ran smoothly and kept to the time frame for the most part (bonus in my book) pizza and bottled water was provided (another bonus) and it seemed a good time was had by all.

There was a nice variety of armies. I don't have a break down but I don't think any one codex was dominate in this regard. It was a good end to 5th edition and if you have ever thought about going you really should try to next year. The TO was very knowledgeable on the rules and very easy going which makes for a good combination. I'm looking forward to it again next year!

I'll be posting a few pics in the tournament calendar section in the next day or so!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Buckeye Battles 2012... July 13th

Buckeye Battles 2012 is upon us here in a few weeks. They are sticking with a 5th edition tourney, probably the last for most of us, seeing as 6th will be hitting the shelves of local game stores and arriving via snail mail for others this coming weekend. 1850 points with the added Forgeworld rules that are GW approved. Not my "cup of tea" as far as the Forgeworld rules, but hey I don't foresee many players utilizing them. Last year we pulled 4 members together to represent, but this year plan on bringing several more to spread the "good word" of game play we at Martial Law try to persue as a club. If you haven't been before, try to attend this year. There's still plenty of slots left and a guaranteed good time of 40k as we watch 5th edition ride off onto the sunset. They even had some pizza for players last year. Hope to see any of you readers there and as always introduce yourselves to us... We don't bite hard... Unless you happen to talk to EAP....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Farewell to 5th

A Farewell to 5th. As we all know 6th edition is right around the corner so I will be hosting a 40k Tournament at the Bookery in Fairborn on June 16th as A Farewell to 5th edition. It is 1850 pts., three 2 hour rounds. $10.00 entry fee. Store opens at 10:30, start rolling dice at 11:00. This is the Saturday before Fathers Day so all you dads use your free pass for Fathers Day and come out and help us give a final send off to 5th edition 40k.

Awards will be in the form of store credit, consisting of all entry fees and GW prize support (yes it is still available).Call or stop by the Bookery to sign up. Of course walk in's are welcome but are subject to space availability. Scenario's will be posted in the coming weeks!

Bookery Fantasy
16 West Main StreetFairborn OH 45324
(937) 879-1408
(937) 879-9327 fax

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Friendly 6th Edition Reminder...

Thought this was a pretty good and appropriate article. If you haven't seen it enjoy.

by: TastyTaste at BoK

Have you heard that 6th edition is coming?
I know, shocking only a few months away…we think.
With that said, I think it time to start laying down some ground rules before the arrival.
The following advice should go without saying, but…
With 6th edition being the first fully immersed edition of the social media age, everyone will have a voice and sadly an often “infallible” one at that.
The danger for 6th is pretty straightforward: if established early, certain paradigms can send the game on a crash course towards domination by a few extremely vocal persistent voices. Dividing people into camps with stone throwing occurring across all the blogosphere.
Many commentators will jump at the chance to stake a claim to whatever “brilliant” idea they have conceived about the true nature of the 6th edition– with the average reader pulled aggressively between all fabricated ideologies.
It’s acceptable to have opinions and some things won’t change like Pyrovores will probably still suck, but blanket statements trying to establish an overarching game theory can have damaging effects for the community. Especially if, statements try to continue establish theories without the benefit of real play testing.
Either way, you can expect everyone jumping to all sorts of conclusions.
Since the explosion of blogs a 40k Internet punditocracy has become entrenched and worse they feel entitled. With that sense of entitlement the punditocracy will do their darnedest to stay relevant because the alternative means actual real human interaction.
So how do you avoid the influence of a tiny circle with in an even smaller circle?
Do something remarkable: play the game and decide for yourself.
I know call me crazy, but by actually playing the game, you will, in fact, inform yourself more than any blog or forum could about how 6th edition plays.
This doesn’t mean you can’t find solid ideas on the Internet, but it is essential to not get caught up in all the hoopla of those running first to pass ultimate judgment. As with everything, perceptions with 6th will change , but assuming the first prognostications are correct is an easy road to ruin.
Don’t take what the Internet says with its multitudes of pent-up insecurities and agendas; instead hunker down with your friends, play games, and hopefully lots of them.
With an untainted perspective, you can avoid all the insane rules debates that will rage over the Web. Additionally, the experience gathered from playing will enable you to see the good from the bad when you return to online discussion.
I say give yourself about a month then slowly ease yourself back into what the Internet community, by then Games Workshop might even have a few FAQs waiting as well.
For our part, Blood of Kitten’s will focus on the excitement surrounding the new edition, not whether its broken or extraordinary. We will have plenty of time to pass judgment in the years ahead.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cinci Con and CAG Bash Details

So another fantastic CAG Bash is on the shelf and what a great time it was. ML saw 1st place finishes both days of the 40k tourney. The terrain was great, the atmosphere was electric and the games memorable. Monger and myself took quite a few pics... focusing on terrain and armies. Here are some of the pics we took. We here at ML hope to see you next Spring for the next one. You can always check back to see when it is and the details or log onto Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming for the direct details from the organizer himself.... Makari (Sean Pittman).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Martial Law brings home the CAGbash Axe!!!

Martial Law pulls out 1st place at the annual CAGbash in Cincinnati this weekend. ML's own Brian "Crawling Chaos" grabs the CAG Axe with Daemons for not only this year, but becomes the event's first two time winner! Now that this guy's got an additional hand weapon.... better watch out for his melee!
A great event held by Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming. Fantastic prizes and look at those CAG Axes Brian's holding... that in itself makes this an event not to be missed. See you there in 2013!

Martial Law had a good turn out with nine members attending, several ranking in the top ten...
Warmonger- 4th
Brady- 5th
Wayno 6th
HoD- 8th
CAG Bash Day 2 saw ML bringing home 1st again... Wayno "Lashes" the competition into submission.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CAGBash 2012 at CincyCon March 2-4th

CAGBash 2012 is right around the corner. The main 40k tournament is on Sat. March 3rd with a special invite 40k tourney on Sun March 4th for the top 16 players from Saturdays event, more prizes Oh Yea! This all takes place at CincyCon which is a 3 day convention of tablet top gaming, board and card games, vendors prize raffles and more. This is all held at the Atrium Hotel and Convention Center. Food catered by the Sky Galley restaurant. Come out and battle with us, a good time awaits all. More info can be found in the link to the left of this page or you can visit the guest forums under the Tournament Calander section for all the details. I'll be there so if you see me say hi and introduce yourself. I'll be the guy in the Martial Law shirt.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Forgeworld in 40K

I saw this article and thought I would pass it on. I do this because there has been some talk on the internet about Forgeworld in 40K and this article caught my attention. I myself am against the whole Forgeworld thing simply because it introduces elements outside of the codex' and BRB into a game system that already has problems with balance and codex creep, but thats just me. The author of this article while not against Forgeworld in 40k, he is not really for it either and brings to light somethings that you might not think about. It's an interesting read so check it out and let us here at ML know what you think?

by: Hulksmash @ They Shall Know Fear

This was a question asked in my “What would you like to see” thread so I thought
I’d throw out my views on this.

I love Forgeworld. The books are amazing and so are many of the models. I love the way it looks on the table top and I love the idea adding of new units into my various armies. Why do I say the idea? Well simply because I currently don’t invest in too many FW models that can’t be used in some capacity as a unit existing in a codex. For instance I’ve been considering picking up two Contemptor Dreads to use as Dreadknights due to how awesome they look.

I’m also in love with the Achilles and Vulture models.

So what keeps me from making these purchases? The fact that I’ll rarely, if ever, get to use the models in a game. My current life engagements mean that I very, very rarely get to play outside of tournaments. I generally play 3-6 times a month and once in a while that game will be against someone at a local store (normally set up well in advance).

That means I should be all for allowing FW models into Tournaments right? Well, like most things, my view isn’t black and white on the subject.

For RTT’s and local game shop tournaments:

I’m actually very against the idea of allowing FW. Why? Local RTT’s are about building the community and in my opinion easing new players into the tournament scene. For the same reason I rarely take the same army twice to a RTT (sometimes the same codex but almost never the same list) I would be against Forgeworld. While variety is good a lot of local tourney players in the areas I have been just aren’t that into the hobby or don’t have the resources when they are starting out to invest in FW. Some might not even be aware it exists. The books aren’t on shelves generally and you rarely see the models on the table. What this translates to is a feelingof getting “swindled” when someone puts down models you’re not familiar with that aren’t in an easily accessible book and proceeds to pound your face in.

Please be aware that I’m not saying it’s the FW model that did the pounding. But it’s a perception thing. I’m also against them on the smaller RTT/local store level simply because store owners don’t profit on these items. They can order them but not at any kind of discount and so the store doesn’t make any money on these items outside of peripheral costs of things like paint, glue, and primer. There is no incentive for a local store owner to allow them into play as any Contemptor dreadnought purchased from FW is $18 out of the owners pocket (approximate profit margin). It’s not huge amounts but it does affect them.

Grand Tournament and Regional Style Events:

In this format I’m cool with it. Would I want to see every event allow them in? Nope. But would it be nice once in a while for events to allow me to field them? Hell yes. At an event this large the attendees in general are a different type of gamer. A lot of them are paying to travel to the event and to stay from out of town and are a little more serious about this aspect of the hobby. This means you can reasonably expect them to either have FW themselves or at least have the means of getting the knowledge. Also there is less feeling of being swindled at this level in my opinion.

The only problem I see on this level is that the TO would have to have solid knowledge of units and would probably have to have a page for their events for what is allowed and what isn’t.

For instance I like a lot of the army lists available from Forgeworld. I think they are fun and different. I’m also a huge fan of the SM Characters from the Badab War books that alter codex SM’s in certain ways. I feel they make the game more fun and would be interesting additions. But at times there are units that are verging on or actually are broken. The Deathwind Drop Pods, the original Lucius Pattern Drop Pod, the Hades Breaching Drill, and others over the years.

This would place the onus on the TO to determine allowances or at least note excluded units. That’s asking a lot from a guy who is already putting on a large event that is generally at cost to the person hosting.


I’m open to the idea. For me execution would be the determining factor which I think is true for much of the community. I’m torn on whether I would be ok seeing conversions representing FW units instead of the actual models. I feel like to for me the rule of cool would be the standard but that is a pretty hard rule to enforce as a TO. The other major issues I see are general availability and the additional financial
requirement which is why I would only even consider supporting it at the larger event level.

Those are my thoughts. I realize it’s not a solid yes or no but more of an “I’m open to it”. Sorry, I can’t be annoyingly opinionated on everything.

How do you guys feel about it?