friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Sunday, December 18, 2011

KrystalKeep Combat Patrol, and a fond farewell....

this weekend marked the final yearly 'Combat Patrol' tournament at the KrystalKeep.
As usual, Jim Williams ran a fast, furious and funtastic event full of much cursing, screaming, gnashing of tzeentch (and smiles).
Many a brave soldier(xenos, infidel, traitor)died yesterday, only to rise again shortly thereafter to wage the war eternal in the 40k 'oonivers'.
Final standings showed how strong, balanced and fair players and scenarios were, with a 4 way split for 1st!
Edge T[ML]-Tau
John W-Orks
Stephen (?)-Orks
Nick S-Orks

I had a blast, as is usual for Jim's events (and events that have been run for years up at the Keep).
But alas, this marks an end.

December 30th, the store will be closing for the last time.

Rick, Raj and the others who have contributed to the store, with their heart and souls, have finally had enough.
The economy, coupled with other major, and minor, factors beyond their control have taken their toll.
KrystalKeep has kept its doors open throughout the most trying of economic times, worse than any I have seen personally.

I moved to Ohio 3 years ago. I greatly feared the loss of my hobby and friends due to a new environment.
I should never have feared.
I discovered the Keep, and moved in...and quickly realized I had found a new 'home' in more ways than one.
The staff became friends, the players became friends, and within 6 months I not only felt as though I had regained the 'old' guard, but had gained an even better crowd!
I fell in love with the community all over again.
I wanted to share that particular anecdote, not to make the changes coming about me...but to emphasize the impact the Keep has had on a great deal of people.

A club, a forum, an arena AND a place where 'everybody knows your name'.
EVERYONE I know, who frequented the place (and there were many in my 3 years of attendance) saw KrystalKeep as a 'home away from home'. A place to leave behind the trials and tribulations of life, sit down with a mental 'pint', and just be.
I have known few places with this sense of family attached to such a business, and doubt I will know many more.

I know I'm going to miss all the weekends, all the events and all the 'BS' sessions over our little 'toy soldiers'.
All these things that were made so much more satisfying due to the environment within which they were set.

I want to wish the guys who ran our little home all the best luck in their future endeavors, thank them from the bottom of my heart for providing all the joy they did.
I wish to thank all the players who accepted me from the git-go, and all the heart they put into their play, and their friendships.
And I wish to thank all those who sacrificed their personal time, effort and heart to run the events that kept us all in the loop!

a hearty salute to the end of an era, and now....

"Dice Down, gentlemen...Dice Down"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Farewell to 2011

As we draw 2011 to a close let's reflect a bit on some of the things that happened this year. There has been quite a lot actually. Some of the things that stick in my mind are...The introduction of Finecast or Failcast depending on your point of view...The death of DaemonHunters and the rebirth of Grey Knights...The re-emergence of Dark Eldar on to the table top...The information quarantine (which Yakface destroyed single handed)...and Necrons, my beloved Necrons got a new codex!

So what can we expect next year? Well it sounds like 6th edition will be the big ticket next year but besides that there is rumors of Tau, Chaos Space Marines/Renegades, Eldar possibly make an appearance and I'm sure there will be a marine codex in there also-go figure. As it is it sounds like there will be plenty to keep everyone busy! Also if you haven't heard already but GW will be making an appearance in our area with a store in the Cincinnati area!

Martial Law has two final events that members are attending for 2011, both are this Saturday with Epic Loot wrapping up their Iron Builder competition with the 2000 point Christmas Carnage tournament and at the Krystal Keeps combat patrol as a last hurrah to one of our favorite stores. They will be missed.

Other than that we here at Martial Law hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday this year because we want to see you battling with us next year! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!