friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Monday, January 27, 2014

Forge World AdMech...Mechanicum Warlord Traits

Mechanicum Warlord Traits
1)      Master of Mechanisms
The Magos is a true artificer, and the war engines and automata at his command are a testament of his powers.  Select one unit of Monsterous Creatures or a single vehicle squadron with at least one armour value of 12 or higher in the same detachment as the Warlord.  That unit gains the It Will Not Die special rule.
2)      Perfected Targeting
The preternatural augmented mind of the magos can predict the precisely optimal targeting resolution to sow destruction amid the foe.  While your Warlord is alive, select a single weapon either they are carrying or that is on a unit with in 6" of them in the shooting phase with the Heavy type.  That weapon counts as being twin-linked for this turn.
3)      Predictive Augury
The Magos may respond with lightning swiftness to enemy attack.  The Warlord, and any unit they have joined, hit on a 5 or 6 when firing Overwatch.
4)      Death of Flesh
The Magos has made a particular study of the weakness of flesh.  They and the units under their command have therefore become expert in exploiting pain and suffering to achieve tactical objectives.  All units with in the detachment have Preferred Enemy (infantry - all types) with in 3" of an objective.
5)      Dead Rites
The magos carries with them secret knowledge of the Dark Age of Technology, and has seen and done things no mind can do and remain sane.  The Warlord, and any unit they join, both cause Fear and is immune to its effects and has the Adamantium Will special rule.
6)      Battlefield Analysis
The Magos has studied the precise topography of the battlefield and calculated the optimum avenue of assault.  At the start of the game and after deployment, but before the game begins nominate a single piece of terrain in the enemy deployment zone.  The cover save provided by the terrain is lowered (ie, made worse) by -1 (5+ becoming a 6+, and so on.)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Forge World ADMech...Weapons of the Adeptus Mechanicus

The Adeptus Mechanicus is responsible for the design and manufacture of all weapons in the Imperium, from infantry held lasguns to interstellar weaponry, but there are certain types of weaponry whose secrets are jealously guarded and kept for themselves:

Lightning Gun

This aptly named weapon takes the form of a baroquely designed carbine either connected to a micro-reactor or, in the case of a Ordo Reductor Thallax, their own cybernetic power core.  It fires an ionizing las-beam down which a powerful phased discharge of electromagnetic force is unleashed, and is equally effective at slaughtering the living and overloading machine targets.

Lightning Gun            Range          Str          Ap          Type
                                    18"               7             5            Heavy 1, Shred, Rending 

Maxim Bolter

A relatively compact, short-chambered rotary boltgun, these weapons are capable of a much higher rate of fire than a standard boltgun, but their weight and recoil mean that they may only be used by heavily augmented users such as Karkinos Servitors and the Myrmidons of the Cult Mechanicum.

Maxim Bolter              Range          Str          Ap          Type
                                     12"               4             5            Assault 3

Mauler Bolt Cannon

A field support weapon found with in the Skitarii Tech Guard formations and mounted on certain Battle Automata, the baroque and bulky automatic cannon differ from the more common Heavy Bolter only in caliber, with the Mauler using a substantially larger and denser shells, with a proportionally larger and stronger gun-frame needed to handle the firing stresses involved.  These are powerful weapons whose secrets are jealously guarded by the Mechanicum.

Mauler Bolt Cannon    Range          Str          Ap          Type
                                      24"              6             3            Heavy 3, Pinning  

Photon Thruster Weapons

The arcane secrets of these deadly but unstable beam weapons are jealously guarded by the Tech Adepts who hold them, even from their own brotherhoods with in the Mechanicum, leading some to believe the technology is xenos in origin.  When fired, they unleash howling, needle-thin beams of utter blackness able to pierce the densest matter, slashing and slicing armoured men and machinery apart like razors, leaving pulsing waves of darkness in their wake.  The exotic power sources of these unearthly weapons are extremely unstable, and catastrophic failure can lead to its firer being consumed by raging black flames until only dust remains.

Photon Gauntlet         Range          Str          Ap          Type 
                                    12"              5             2            Assault 2, Blind, Gets Hot!

Photon Thruster         Range          Str          Ap          Type 
                                    48"              6             2            Heavy 2, Lance, Blind, Gets Hot!

Darkfire Cannon        Range          Str          Ap          Type 
                                    60"              7             2            Heavy 2, Lance, Blind, Gets Hot!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Forge World AdMech...Myrmidon Secutors

The Myrmidon Secutors are another new Mechanicus unit from the Horus Heresy: Massacre book.  They are ordained priests of the Cult Mechanicum and their sole purpose is the art of destruction.  Their vastly augmented bodies are the embodiment of destruction.  They form their own sub-sects with in the Mechanicum and keep no single master for long, preferring to relocate continually to new theatres of war.

They come armed with Power Axes and can chose two ranged weapons which include; Maxim Bolter, Volkite Charger, Graviton Gun, Irad Clenser and the Phased Plasma Fusil.  Other wargear includes Frag and Krak Grenades, Refractor Field and a Infravisor.

WS      BS      S      T      W      I      A      Ld      Sv
Myrmidon Secutor               4          5       4       5      2       2      2        9       3+
Myrmidon Lord                   4          5       4       5      2       2      3       10      3+

With the Fusilliade Attack special rule, Myrmidon Secutors may fire two weapons at the same target.  Lumbering Advance prevents them from making Run or Sweeping Advance moves.  They also have the Stubborn, Bulky, Relentless special rules. 

Pictures were from The Veils Edge Blog:

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Forge World AdMech...Tech Thrall Adsecularis

 by war pig

The new Tech Thrall Adsecularis displayed at Games Day Italy shown on the Astropate Blog

Tech Thrall Adsecularis are a support unit and do not count towards compulsory Troop choices.  This will make up the third Troop unit in a Mechanicum Army along with the Lorica Thallax and Castellax Battle Automata.  They come armed with Laslock rifles (Range: 18", Str 4, AP 6, Assault 1) with an option to swap with Shotguns.  Options also include upgrading their close combat weapons to Heavy Chainblades and adding Frag Grenades.  They wear Flak armour and have FnP 6+.  With the Rite of Pure Thought upgrade, they become Fearless, but lose the ability of Sweeping Advance and firing in Overwatch.  There are 10 Tech Thrall's in a unit.

WS      BS      S      T      W      I      A      Ld      Sv
                                            2         2        4      3       1       2      1       7       5+

Considered a expendable auxiliary unit in the Legio Cybernectica, their ranks are composed of captured prisoners and criminals.  They are ranked lower then most servitors by their Mechanicus masters.  These are not apart of the more elite Skitarii units, which will appear in upcoming Horus Heresy Imperial Armour volumes.

Early sculpts.