friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cinci Con and CAG Bash Details

So another fantastic CAG Bash is on the shelf and what a great time it was. ML saw 1st place finishes both days of the 40k tourney. The terrain was great, the atmosphere was electric and the games memorable. Monger and myself took quite a few pics... focusing on terrain and armies. Here are some of the pics we took. We here at ML hope to see you next Spring for the next one. You can always check back to see when it is and the details or log onto Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming for the direct details from the organizer himself.... Makari (Sean Pittman).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Martial Law brings home the CAGbash Axe!!!

Martial Law pulls out 1st place at the annual CAGbash in Cincinnati this weekend. ML's own Brian "Crawling Chaos" grabs the CAG Axe with Daemons for not only this year, but becomes the event's first two time winner! Now that this guy's got an additional hand weapon.... better watch out for his melee!
A great event held by Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming. Fantastic prizes and look at those CAG Axes Brian's holding... that in itself makes this an event not to be missed. See you there in 2013!

Martial Law had a good turn out with nine members attending, several ranking in the top ten...
Warmonger- 4th
Brady- 5th
Wayno 6th
HoD- 8th
CAG Bash Day 2 saw ML bringing home 1st again... Wayno "Lashes" the competition into submission.