friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Forgeworld in 40K

I saw this article and thought I would pass it on. I do this because there has been some talk on the internet about Forgeworld in 40K and this article caught my attention. I myself am against the whole Forgeworld thing simply because it introduces elements outside of the codex' and BRB into a game system that already has problems with balance and codex creep, but thats just me. The author of this article while not against Forgeworld in 40k, he is not really for it either and brings to light somethings that you might not think about. It's an interesting read so check it out and let us here at ML know what you think?

by: Hulksmash @ They Shall Know Fear

This was a question asked in my “What would you like to see” thread so I thought
I’d throw out my views on this.

I love Forgeworld. The books are amazing and so are many of the models. I love the way it looks on the table top and I love the idea adding of new units into my various armies. Why do I say the idea? Well simply because I currently don’t invest in too many FW models that can’t be used in some capacity as a unit existing in a codex. For instance I’ve been considering picking up two Contemptor Dreads to use as Dreadknights due to how awesome they look.

I’m also in love with the Achilles and Vulture models.

So what keeps me from making these purchases? The fact that I’ll rarely, if ever, get to use the models in a game. My current life engagements mean that I very, very rarely get to play outside of tournaments. I generally play 3-6 times a month and once in a while that game will be against someone at a local store (normally set up well in advance).

That means I should be all for allowing FW models into Tournaments right? Well, like most things, my view isn’t black and white on the subject.

For RTT’s and local game shop tournaments:

I’m actually very against the idea of allowing FW. Why? Local RTT’s are about building the community and in my opinion easing new players into the tournament scene. For the same reason I rarely take the same army twice to a RTT (sometimes the same codex but almost never the same list) I would be against Forgeworld. While variety is good a lot of local tourney players in the areas I have been just aren’t that into the hobby or don’t have the resources when they are starting out to invest in FW. Some might not even be aware it exists. The books aren’t on shelves generally and you rarely see the models on the table. What this translates to is a feelingof getting “swindled” when someone puts down models you’re not familiar with that aren’t in an easily accessible book and proceeds to pound your face in.

Please be aware that I’m not saying it’s the FW model that did the pounding. But it’s a perception thing. I’m also against them on the smaller RTT/local store level simply because store owners don’t profit on these items. They can order them but not at any kind of discount and so the store doesn’t make any money on these items outside of peripheral costs of things like paint, glue, and primer. There is no incentive for a local store owner to allow them into play as any Contemptor dreadnought purchased from FW is $18 out of the owners pocket (approximate profit margin). It’s not huge amounts but it does affect them.

Grand Tournament and Regional Style Events:

In this format I’m cool with it. Would I want to see every event allow them in? Nope. But would it be nice once in a while for events to allow me to field them? Hell yes. At an event this large the attendees in general are a different type of gamer. A lot of them are paying to travel to the event and to stay from out of town and are a little more serious about this aspect of the hobby. This means you can reasonably expect them to either have FW themselves or at least have the means of getting the knowledge. Also there is less feeling of being swindled at this level in my opinion.

The only problem I see on this level is that the TO would have to have solid knowledge of units and would probably have to have a page for their events for what is allowed and what isn’t.

For instance I like a lot of the army lists available from Forgeworld. I think they are fun and different. I’m also a huge fan of the SM Characters from the Badab War books that alter codex SM’s in certain ways. I feel they make the game more fun and would be interesting additions. But at times there are units that are verging on or actually are broken. The Deathwind Drop Pods, the original Lucius Pattern Drop Pod, the Hades Breaching Drill, and others over the years.

This would place the onus on the TO to determine allowances or at least note excluded units. That’s asking a lot from a guy who is already putting on a large event that is generally at cost to the person hosting.


I’m open to the idea. For me execution would be the determining factor which I think is true for much of the community. I’m torn on whether I would be ok seeing conversions representing FW units instead of the actual models. I feel like to for me the rule of cool would be the standard but that is a pretty hard rule to enforce as a TO. The other major issues I see are general availability and the additional financial
requirement which is why I would only even consider supporting it at the larger event level.

Those are my thoughts. I realize it’s not a solid yes or no but more of an “I’m open to it”. Sorry, I can’t be annoyingly opinionated on everything.

How do you guys feel about it?