friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

40K RTT @ Krystal Keep 6/19

Well this I suppose is our first official Tournament as a organized group. Although most of us will try to make it to as much as we can sometime its just not possible, when we do send people they will be some of our best. Three of the "Marshal Law" Enforcement Team participated (Warmonger, Goldberg, and Edge).

Congratulations "Warmonger" on the First Place victory !!!!

This was a 1850pt. 40K RTT run by Krystal Keep in
Kettering, OH., it was 3 rounds with a cap of 20 people.

Event Standings:
01. Eric Miller (Overall)
02. Brian Smith (Best General )
03. Brice Blair
04. Michael Ackridge
05. Pat Ray
06. Rob Glass
07. Drew Seeley
08. Scott Goldberg
09. Kevin Kirby (Best Sportsman)
10. Floyd Taylor
11. Patrick Fleckenstein
12. Charles Tuey (Best Composition)
13. Brandon Fitch Brick
14. Brian Wheeker
15. Mark Graham
16. Ian Villamanga (Best Painted)
17. Gregg Mounce
18. David Kelley
19. Edge Tomlinson
20. Charlie Brentlinger

Great job guys.
(If pictures surface will update later.)
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