friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tournament Update VII

As we move towards the end of the year the tournament choices are thinning. July was outstanding with 7 local tourneys available. I also think more will pop up as we progress thru the Ard Boyz rounds. I've seen several different posts on various forums of TO's waiting to see if they advance to the semi's or finals. As these players get knocked out of the running I'm confident that more will pop up and we'll finish the year strong!

As always if you have info about an upcoming tournament let us know!


Ard' Boyz...8/13 call your local FGS
Yotta Quest...8/21 Cincinnati, Oh
Nova Open...8/25-28
Games Preserve...8/27 Bloomington, In
Wizards Keep...8/27 Muncie, In


Ard' Boyz Semi-finals...9/17 Locations ?
Games Preserve...9/17 Bloomington, In
Boltgun Battles...9/24 Newark, Oh
Games Preserve...9/24 Indy South. In
Jac Games...9/24 Akron, Oh
Comic Shop Plus...9/25 Columbus, Oh


Comic Shop Plus...10/15 Columbus, Oh
Games Preserve...10/15 Bloomington, In
Ard' Boyz Finals...10/22 Location ?

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