friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GW's 2013 Release Schedule Rumors

Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone has recovered from last night sufficiently. If not here is something that might help take your mind off that. This is the rumoured release schedule for 2013 from a couple of different sources.

from Faeit 212,

3 or 4 codices this year will be a good one, especially since we will be seeing Dark Angels here in just a few short days. That's starting the year off right. So its all good news from here on. Tau in May, and Eldar sometime later in the year.

I am posting up the release order that Hastings has put up (which is current cannon on what is coming atm), and the release dates we have seen listed for next year from Larry Vela.

I am going to add in one more that is still being whispered by a couple sources, but nothing is solid on.... and that is a 40k summer campaign (with new models for several armies and a supplement book)

Please remember that these are all rumors, and are very subject to change and move around a lot. So lets hope that Chaos Daemons are a codex, and that we really do see 4, but expect only 3 codex releases this year for 40k.

via Larry Vela over on Bols

JAN: Dark Angels
FEB: Daemons
MAR: Wave month (hobbit, warriors of chaos, 40k)
APR: High Elves
MAY: Tau
JUN: Summer wave (40k, supplement book for 40k)
JUL: Lizardmen
AUG: Mystery Box
SEP: Wave month
OCT: ???
NOV: Eldar
DEC: ???

via Hastings (release order)

Dark Angels
Chaos Daemons/Daemons of Chaos
High Elves
Lizard Men
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