friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Firebase deployment for Tau

Ok everyone, If you haven't noticed the last few posts have been an article on how to deal with Tau and some battle reports showing people beating Tau. I just wanted to show that while they may be a top tier army now they are not unbeatable. Now just so nobody thinks I'm anti Tau or anything here is an article for the Tau players. Non Tau players should read this also as there is some good stuff in there. Know Your Enemy!

originally posted on: Total Immersion Gaming

Food For Thought: Firebase deployment on Tau of War
Tau of War

Some advice never goes out of date and the articles linked below are good examples of this. There are a number of armies that make use of firebases, so this advice on Tau of War offers some very handy advice on how to deploy and protect your guns to best effect. Bubblewrap and blocking units are key to this, and I especially like point 8 of the last article that states "A good Tau army is like an onion, it has lots of layers and makes people cry". Brilliant!

Rules of Engagement (Points 7 & 8 particularly)
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