friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Forge World AdMech...Tech Thrall Adsecularis

 by war pig

The new Tech Thrall Adsecularis displayed at Games Day Italy shown on the Astropate Blog

Tech Thrall Adsecularis are a support unit and do not count towards compulsory Troop choices.  This will make up the third Troop unit in a Mechanicum Army along with the Lorica Thallax and Castellax Battle Automata.  They come armed with Laslock rifles (Range: 18", Str 4, AP 6, Assault 1) with an option to swap with Shotguns.  Options also include upgrading their close combat weapons to Heavy Chainblades and adding Frag Grenades.  They wear Flak armour and have FnP 6+.  With the Rite of Pure Thought upgrade, they become Fearless, but lose the ability of Sweeping Advance and firing in Overwatch.  There are 10 Tech Thrall's in a unit.

WS      BS      S      T      W      I      A      Ld      Sv
                                            2         2        4      3       1       2      1       7       5+

Considered a expendable auxiliary unit in the Legio Cybernectica, their ranks are composed of captured prisoners and criminals.  They are ranked lower then most servitors by their Mechanicus masters.  These are not apart of the more elite Skitarii units, which will appear in upcoming Horus Heresy Imperial Armour volumes.

Early sculpts.
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