friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wayno takes Last Hurrah of DBCC

                                         Attending ML members

This past weekend was the final D.B. Cooper Con as a ML event, with Wayno taking 1st and Best Painted with his Daemons. We've decided that an era has ended and another is beginning within Martial Law Gaming, and as such there will be no more DBCC as a club event. Dickie may continue the endeavor on his own. We will be holding the new "Martial Law Con" once a year starting this fall. Other highlights include:  

2nd Place "Dickie" with Chaos Army (Nurgle)

3rd Place "Warmonger" with Dark Eldar Army

4th Place " The Big Pretzel"  with Chaos Army

Top Kill Points; "BeazleBugge" with Imperial Guard Army

Congrats guys!
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