friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tournament Update VI

July is full of stuff to do this year! We are absolutely spoiled for choices. Get out there and participate in one of these great events. With the choices available there should be something that gets your attention. Show your support for the area stores and the TO's that take the time to hold these tournaments.

The rest of the year is a little lite as of right now for the local scene, there will be more to pop up! time to start searching the Web Ways again. As always I'll post them when I see them. Hope to see you out there. I know I'll be out there...somewhere?


Sci-Fi City Tournament...7/2 Cincinnati, Oh
Cookville Battle Barn...7/7 Cookville, Tn
Buckeye Battles...7/8-10 Columbus, Oh
CAG Slam...7/10 Cincinnati, Oh
Dicehead Games Maul at the Mall...7/23 Cleveland, Tn
K-Town Throwdown II...7/23 Kokomo, In
Krystal Keep Tournament...7/23 Kettering, Oh
Yotta Quest RTT...7/23 Cincinnati, Oh
Epic Loot RTT... 7/30 Centerville, Oh


Ard' Boyz...8/13 Locations ?
Nova Open...8/25-28 Washington, DC


Eastside Games & Cards...9/17 Cincinnati, Oh
Ard' Boyz semi-finals...9/17 Locations ?
Boltgun Battles...9/24 Columbus, Oh
Comic Shop Plus...9/25 Columbus, Oh
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