friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ard' Boyz Semi-Finals Review

Well it's been about a week since the semi's so I guess I should put something on the board. There were 6 ML members that went to Games2die4 in Indianapolis that weekend along with a few other familiar faces. The Rusty Scaboards were there with 4 members attending. I had met two of them in the team tourney at Adepticon yearbefore last. 36 people in total were signed up for the event in which 32 showed. A good showing. I couldn't tell you now the break down of armies but I was surprised to see a Tyranid and Tau army in attendance.

The venue was nice. The owner "Jerry" had rented the empty store front beside his place so there was plenty of room to move around and what not. He was very nice and bent over backwards to make this an enjoyable event for the players, Thanks Jerry! The judges were very good and consistant.They were always available and were very good at explaining thier rulings. The store was located in a nice area with lots of stores (food, gas, ect.) easily accessable.

The over all tourney ran quite smooth after a bit of a late start. One of the Judges was in a car accident. Best wishes from ML, hope he's doing better! Other than that it was very good. I think the terrain could have been a little more abundent but they did actually have some true 5th edition LOS blocking terrain so not really all that bad.

It was a long day with the drive and the 2.5 hour games but it is someplace I would go to again. I took a few pics and HoD is going to post them for me, so if thier not up when you read this check back later. Check the Tournament Calander for final results.

WarMonger out!

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