friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Martial Law Con Debut

HoD here with a rare front page post.

First off our first MLC Champion... EAP!

Makari took second and Wayno took the Single Model Painting Award with his Slaanesh Prince.

Yesterday (Oct. 15th) we ushered in our new yearly club event Martial Law Con with 12 members able to attend. 5 games, starting at 750 pts with the first mission and ending with 1750 pts with mission 5. Beer, food, comrodery and games... what more could a gamer ask for.

Pretzel brought the meat... and I'm not talking about gaming or what's in his pants, but huge Carfanga italian sausages and burgers.... mmm mmm good! With everyone else pitching in with various desserts, sides and BEER!

Great day of gaming... although I fell way short with my Imperial Fists.

HoD signing off.......
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