friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Friday, November 11, 2011

Necrons at a HoD Glance

HoD here with my first impression of the new Necron codex. I've always liked the 'crons for the simple fact they reminded me of Terminator Arnold after his flesh melted off. Even the signiture "I'll be Back" statement.... they just changed pronouns. I'd also have to say that I've really anticipated this for sometime now, but Monger has been for even longer. It was his first army when he made the jump from Fantasy to 40k. Hell, if it weren't for him making that jump with the Crons and coercing me (and I say that loosely) to delve into it myself, I'd either still be shooting crossbows and blunderbuss or not playing at all. 

Thanks dude.

Anyway back to the codex...

Now first off, I'm not one of those master analysts or strategists, I'm usually a "fly by the seat of my pants" and "roll with the punches" type of player. Don't get me wrong, I usually have a basic plan on how to run my list, but I usually let the game dictate my play.

The threads in the internet promoted the fact that this will be an premiere shooting army, but it seems to me there has been a major push in the CC area. Wraiths and Flayed Ones, that was about it. In the hands of the right player though, these were deadly. Monger runs his "Wraithstorm" list with great effectiveness. Been many a game I had to contend with it... unfortunately it was usually on the losing end of the spectrum. Either they would collapse a flank or make me use valuable resourses so they couldn't....Bastards! You really couldn't even deck out a Lord for CC. Yeah, the Ctan Phase sword was nice and all, but with his crappy WS and I, he was little more than a Marine with a cool weapon.

But now there's the Royal Court, an array of Special Characters, additional wargear and weaponry at your disposal. Even the Warscythe got a "facelift" with it's +2 strength and 2D6 for armor penetration. The trade-off for no possible armor save is cool with me. The Scarabs are cooler with their Entrophic Strike. Reducing armor on vehicles is awesome. Imagne bringing all faces on a Land Raider to a more respectable level to deal with. What about rending for the Wraiths.... yeah, they lost turbo boosting, but a small price to pay.

The question I leave you is...

Is there a "Deathstar" in this codex to be reckoned with or is this just the same shooty army of old with some upgrades?
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