friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Necrons; First Game After Thoughts

Well I've played my first game with the new Necron Codex and I must say I'm pleased so far. Of course it's one game but this is going to be my first impressions and we'll just have to see if they change as I play more games. I played Necrons back in 4th it was my first 40k army so all the new choices and combinations really excited me. Problem was I couldn't decide where to start. So I went back to what worked for me before and started there. I realize that lists in one codex edition don't always work with new editions and that was not my intent.
My first game was against HoD's Imperial Fist army. He used a lot of long range weaponry to out distance me in shooting while running Lysander/terminate deathstar down my throat. You can read the full report in the battle reports section of the forum.

This was my 2000 pt. List:

Nemesor & Vangard
5 Crypteks w/ 5 eldritch lances, solar pulse
1 Cryptek w/ abyssal staff, veil
9 Immortals w/ gauss blasters
10 Warriors
9 Warriors
6 Wraiths w/ 3 whip coils, 2 particle casters
5 Wraiths w/ 3 whip coils, 1 particle caster
5 Scarab Swarms
1 Monolith
2 Canoptek Spiders
1 Annihilation Barge

Nemesor-He did pretty good absorbing enemy fire and the orb definitely came into play. Unfortunately I forgot about his tactics abilities but I could have used them on many occasions. I like him and will use him some more.

Vargard-Can't say much about him he didn't really do much. His attacks were saved by the Terminators storm shields and he always attack first so no bonus' there. His Ghostwalk Mantel came in very handy.

Crypteks-I like them and the options they bring. They certainly bring a different element to the Necrons. The eldritch lances were very
effective. Can't wait to use some of the other options.

Immortals-Probably the best troop choice but I miss T5. They still absorbed a lot of fire power but I don't think I used them has effectively as I could have.

Warriors-still a staple in most lists. I don't think their effectiveness has changed that much even with the nerfing of their armor save and WBB. Where they were a higher priority before due to phase out I think now their priority is lower which makes survivability better. Of courses if you run big 20 man squads the priority level will go up.

Wraiths-Loved them before, Love them now. Even without RP they are still a hand full to deal with.

Scarabs-Impressive especially when combined with the Spiders. Didn't use them much before but probably be a staple now. For a small cost you can build them up with some spiders and they make a nice tar pit unit and will really mess up some vehicles.

Canoptek Spiders-Much better than last edition. Cheaper, more wounds, squadrons, new scarab creating rules. Combined with scarabs very nice. Oh and they have options now!

Monolith- Well first off I wouldn't recommend deep striking it unless you have a lot of open ground. I did but got real lucky on scatter. Another 1/4 inch and it would have been misshap city. With it not coming in till the third turn that could have ended any real threat it might pose. It's so big it can be problematic. 6th edition may change this. I like the change to the Gauss Flux Ark .

Annihilation Barge-The survivability was good even when I forgot to move it and it got assaulted by Lysander and his Terminators. They messed it up but didn't destroy it. It handled everything that shot at it. It's offensive abilities left me a little wanting. I got plenty of extra shots out of it but the marines made 90% of their saves. It did manage to destroy a rhino and I like that it is a skimmer.

Those are my first thoughts/impressions. Many more games need to be played. More things to try.

Warmonger out
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