friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eldar Review...Wave Serpents

Wave Serpent:

Ok, so here is a question for the Eldar players out there- how many wave serpents do you have?
Second, did you think the mech of 5th edition was gone?
Enter the wave serpent.
Wave serpents are now godlike, and who would have though a 5th edition army build would be rocking 6th edition...
…here is why.
6th is about mobility and the ability to kill masses of cheap troops- numbers by no real armor saves. Cover is now everywhere and even at a 5+ when you have 100+ cheap scoring units, can your army really clean them out in X number of game turns AND deal with the other stuff in your opponent’s list coming at you.
Wave serpent has the mobility, and the ability to take out those cheap troops with the scatter laser, shuriken cannon, and energy shield. Six serpents moving up and together popping off the shield and then disembarking the avengers or guardians for mop up duty is very effective…
…while the other elements in your warhost take out the non-scoring units that your opponent has.
But it gets even better with holo-fields- getting a 4+ save on six grav tanks (not even talking about the prisms yet) and the shield potentially negating pens, the serpents WILL clear out the spam troops and deliver the cargo long before your opponent takes them out.
True bikes are also a power house in the ‘dex, but in terms of competitive play are they even needed.
Eldar “Template” for 6th…
Autarch/farseer + jetbike + mantle
6 serpents with guardians/aspects ratio depending on points.
3 fire prism.
Perhaps a bit boring but very deadly….and most of us long time Eldar player already have the models sitting on the shelf.

by Fritz:
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