friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Monday, July 1, 2013

Eldar Review...Striking Scorpions

New Eldar Codex Review: Striking Scorpions – Viable Eldar CC Unit?

I was kind of holding my breath with the striking scorpions in the new Eldar codex- what role would they fill, and would we have a viable close combat unit to add to the warhost other than the one-trick-pony harlequins?
Like many of the other units in the codex they just got an update to 6th rather than an upgrade or new set of rules…which is ok, and update will be fine…
3+ save, I5/6, and plasma grenades means they will hit first for the most part and can take a few normal hits back- but don’t be fooled by the 3+ save- it only goes so far when you are T3 base. Eldar players need to keep this in mind with all the 3+ saves now handed out in the codex.
Mandiblaster gives you another “free” attack, but for a dedicated aspect the base scorpion still only has one attack.
Why not two?
I’m not complaining, just asking.
You can upgrade thee exarch of course with power weapon/fist like options, but it is only one model.
So what’s the problem I’m seeing with scorpions?
Same issue that existed in the old codex- how do you get there to chop up dudes in the assault?

Assault marines have their jumpacks to quickly close the distance.
Generic marines have their 35 point rhino box.
Scorpions have a wave serpent, which MUCH better than before,  is not 35 point rhino for sure…
Infiltrate opens up some options if there is some big terrain you can hide behind, but we can’t always count on that.
Take one big unit as a distraction/syphoning unit- it will work, but what if you were waiting for this codex to unlock your scorpion themed army?
What if you wanted to take thirty of them lead by phoenix lord?
I think about this stuff…
Infiltrate the 30 would be cool, and put some real forward pressure on your opponent, but you better have first turn since your scorps are mid field and exposed to everything at close/rapid fire range in the opposing army.
You also would need another large element in your warhost to occupy your opponent on the first and second turn so they can’t shoot at the scorpions- they may want to shoot at them, but there are scarier targets for the moment…
…and then when the scorpions hit the lines and crash and burn after a few rounds, which is OK, what element in your list is going to follow up and take objectives and finish off what is left of your opponent?
In theory.
These are the questions I ask with scorps, and harlies, and my hopefully soon to be banshee chick army- you see, I’ve been stocking up on Eldar stuff for the past few years since nobody played them, wanted them, or could use them.
I’ve got 30+ banshees, and lots of guardians with female torsos, for an all space elf chick army.
But we will look at that in some more detail when we get to banshees in the new ‘dex.
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