friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Friday, June 28, 2013

Martial Law...3 Year Anniversary!

That's right, Martial Law has been around for three years this month! Sometimes it seems like it hasn't been that long and other times it seems much longer. To give a brief history;

Long ago in a northern town known as the Windy City, three competitive gamers gathered together sharing some bitter ale's and some local grub all while the image of the hot Sister of Battle from earlier that day danced thru their heads, they had an idea. Not a new idea, not an idea of significant importance, nothing ground breaking but just a WTF, why not kind of thing. They were members of a gaming club (defunked now) but were looking for a little something more at the time. The discussions continued for weeks until a decision was made and the trio decided to go forward and start their own Club!

A name was chosen and the flood gates opened as they began it recruit their close friends. One member took it upon himself and started a forum for the club members to communicate easier. It also was a blog but they really didn't use that at first. They mostly wanted a way to communicate freely and cumulatively with each other. Logo's were created and voted on. I want to make clear that there is no central authority, no President, everything is discussed and voted on by the club members, different I know but that's just how they roll. Members take it upon themselves to get things done and have created ML logo tactical templates, objective markers, t-shirts, dice, vehicle craters and more. With that Martial Law was born and still kicking today. 

So that's it in a nut shell. Over the years we have continued to expand our membership, started up and expanded our use of the blog by trying to provide some useful content from other sites along with a little original stuff. Members have run tourneys at some of the flgs and even helped with the set up and dismantling of CAGBash. All in all we try to be a positive influence in the community, we have opened up part of our "inner sanctium" lol, aka  forums to the publicAll in all we're just a bunch of regular Joes enjoying the 40K hobby!

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