friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eldar Review...Vypers!

New Eldar Codex Review: Vypers

Is there anything “more” saim-hann then the vyper?

Not according to the fluff, so they will always have a place in my warhost regardless of the rules…
So, I was VERY curious to see what would come about in the new codex.
On a side note for a moment, is my personal take on WHY so much rage against the new codex- we waited SO freakin long for a new ‘dex and what did we get?
And I’m NOT complaining here, I feel like it is a good book.
BUT what we didn’t get was a complete overhaul say like Grey Knights got when they went from Daemonhunters (loved that ‘Dex) to Grey Knights, but rather we got just a copy n’ paste upgrade to sixth edition for Eldar, same thing we got in 4th edition. Nothing much has really changed with Eldar on the design front- and no a flyer and titan don’t count…

While I secretly HOPED the vyper would be fixed…it wasn’t…
It is still overpriced, can get taken out by anything but a grot blaster, and overshadowed by better fast attack units if you are not constrained by fluff.
That said, they did get better, but not directly so, but rather indirectly.
Stat wise they are still AV 10 open topped, 2 HP vehicles- but the weapon options came down in price significantly- and now hitting on a 3+… YUM!
Second to saim-hann, Fritz loves his star cannons, so for five points sign me up! Anytime I can deny a space marine armor save it is a good day. Underslung shuriken cannon upgrade is still mandatory.
Spirit stones on it got better, and holo-fields “fixed” to at least allow an augmented cover save to keep them up a bit longer.

So how have they gotten better?
Well, what happens when we look at the total overall composition of the warhost- sure vypers are still overpriced when examined alone, but now that I no longer need or want a seer council, and jetbikes have come down in points, suddenly I have more points to make it up on the vypers and other toys.
Disclaimer- yes scatter lasers are still better in terms of volume of dice over star cannons…
In support of my jetbikes we have three groups of three vypers coming right at you…
27 Shuriken cannon shots…
18 star cannons shots…
Hitting on a 3+.

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