friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


HoD here with a FYI.....

There is a rumor of this 'old bugger' lurking around here on the forums. You may have come across him on our site or even seen him at local tourneys. Always sporting his 'colors' with every tourney appearance. Some call him the 'old timer' while most know his as.... Yeah that's right Martial Law's very own and first vet.... Warmonger.

Well this fella is runnin' a primer for the up coming Buckeye Battles July 12th. If you haven't gone... great time and you should be. But Buckeye is not the reason for this post.... It's the primer. 1999+1 points with no double force, FW allowed. Location is at the Bookery in Fairborn Ohio on June 22nd. $10 entry fee.

Come on out and throw some dice!
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