friday 40k humor

friday 40k humor

Monday, June 17, 2013

Elder Review....Rangers

Moving on from jetbikes, what should we look at next?

How about rangers and pathfinders?

What place do they have in the new ‘dex?

At first glance not much has changed, at least not as much as jetbikes, and guardians backed with warlocks. Rangers still works as sniper based models, with infiltrate, stealth, and move through cover. The option for the upgraded ranger long rifle was removed, but this was expected as much as we all knew runes of warding would get nerfed…

So my first thought is “ok”, we can make them work, but I’m not happy about the +1 only cover save. Rangers live and die by cover since they only have mesh 5+ armor, and getting a 4+ save is not going to win the battle, especially being a T3 model.

We need that 2+ cover save to even begin thinking of them- so upgrading to pathfinders seems like a must to begin to try and get the 2+ based on terrain.

BUT, to get it you have to pay the Illic tax of +140 points + the pathfinder upgrade points, AND burn an HQ slot just to give my rangers a chance of working on the table.


I’m having flashbacks to codex daemonhunters with the inquisitor tax on assassins.

Ok, in fairness we gain sharpshot which I can see having a variety of uses in picking out key elements in your opponent’s army if they come into range, and the working of this do go hand in hand with my harlequins- eliminating parts of the opposing army models that would tie up or be a threat to the harlequins.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So if you are not going to upgrade the rangers is it worth taking a unit in your army for the snipers?

I’m not that sure honestly- I used to be a big believer in taking even a single group of pathfinders for the sniper ability and the 2+ save to harass your opponent, but now with the additional taxes and HQ slot burn, it just doesn’t sit well with me.

What was GW thinking?

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